Get ready - booking system is going LIVE tomorrow.

February 2017


Dear Supporters,

As most of you follow us on Facebook and know the recent news, our Official Opening is happening on 25th of February.

Our booking system is going Live on 11th at 10 pm.


You have been the first who have contributed towards our project and believed in us to bring this project to life. For this reason and as a thank you from my side I will open the booking system exclusively for all of you 24 hrs before announcing it to the public.

The booking system will be shared here via Fundsurfer at 10 pm tomorrow (10th of Feb), so please watch your email box.

We got over 800 people waiting to book, so please be aware that who books first comes first. But hopefully with this advantage of having access to booking system 24hrs before, you will be able to book very first days.

Regarding an Opening date and it's booking - I will be sending separate email tomorrow to each of you who have purchased Grand Opening Date as also Behind The Scenes with further details how to book as it will be a different process of booking a slot for that day. So please watch for your email tomorrow at 10 pm too!



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Bristol's First Cat Cafe

A cat cafe is just like a normal cafe, with one difference – it's full of cats!

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