Final Day Countdown!

May 2017


WOW it's been a roller coaster of a few weeks, the support we've seen has been amazing! The tension at Upfest HQ is unbelievable!

In the last five days we've seen £10,000 of pledges added to the campaign, we're just £3,000 off smashing our target & 16hrs to do it!

bigUP to every single one of our Pledgers! We just need to ask one more small favour, please share the campaign with your friends and followers, only if we hit target will we receive a single penny...

bigUP all the artists that have donated their time and artwork to the campaign, all those lovely rewards will only be released if we hit our goal of £20k by midnight to night!

If you've not checked it recently, theres been a flurry of new rewards added this week....

Thanks again for being part of Europe's largest & FREE Street Art & Graffiti festival, it truly is only possible with your support and commitment of our festival artists & volunteers...

It's been emotional folks...

The Upfest Crew!

Pls share....  or

Crowdfunding project

Upfest 2017 - Street Art & Graffiti Festival

Be part of Europe's largest & free Street Art & Graffiti festival, a few pounds from everyone will make all the difference!

Funding successful

£20,962 raised