Sunshine & delight

May 2017


The sun shone on BRR’s little garden today and the children rushed outside to make the most of it. Difficult for members of staff to say thank you when presented with a plucked flower whilst simultaneously discouraging the three year old from picking any more! 


It’s always heartening to see a newcomer to the Early Years Project moving from shyness, even fear, to growing self confidence. Today two year old, Sayed, pulled out the box of wooden rails and worked out for himself how they joined together; then grinned with delight as he moved a train and its magnetically linked trucks over its little bridge.  


There was a fire drill this morning and the children were quickly and efficiently swept up and moved out. To most of them it was an additional moment of excitement; only one boy burst into tears and he was soon reassured by spotting his mum with the rest of BRR members and volunteers in the assembly point in the car park. 

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