Crowdfunder Update

May 2017


THANK YOU to everyone who donated so far! We’re now over 35% towards our target of £20.000 which will be a huge help in allowing us to deliver our next programme for 25 entrepreneurial refugees this Autumn! 

Your support will have an enormous impact on entrepreneurial refugees’ lives. By starting their own businesses, they are allowed to utilise their existing skills and experiences while becoming active members of their local communities. We wouldn’t be able to deliver our programme without people like you supporting us.

Read on to find more about the first episode in our #ThisRefugeeCan series, how we are planning to ampliyfy our message (and how you can help) and how to reclaim rewards.

1. Introducing: Gulwali Passarlay

The first video in our #ThisRefugeeCan series focused on author and political activist Gulwali Passarlay. Gulwali is a great example of the driven, ambitious and talented refugees that we work with at TERN. You can see more about Gulwali’s story and his hopes for the future in this video, the first in our 4 part #ThisRefugeeCan series. 

2. Thunderclap Campaign

We want to spread the message of this campaign as far and wide as possible, to do this we have launched a Thunderclap campaign. This allows us to magnify and amplify our core message across our collective networks, meaning rather than just reaching those who already support us we can reach 1000s who have never heard of TERN, or even the concept of refugee entrepreneurs.

Joining our Thunderclap campign takes 15 seconds, and cost nothing, but will have a huge impact in spreading our message that this is no limit on what #ThisRefugeeCan achieve. To do so just follow this link:

3. Crowdfunder News

If you claimed a reward when kindly donating, we will be in touch at the end of the campaign with further information on how to reclaim it. Don't worry we take care of everything!

Finally, if you have friends or family that have yet to donate, fear not! We have extended our crowdfunding campaign until 12th June, so they can still be part of our movement. 

Thanks again, we couldn't do this without you.

The TERN Team

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TERN: Supporting Refugee Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN) assists refugees in becoming self-reliant through their own enterprises, proving that #ThisRefugeeCan.

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