Moulding clay & sing song

June 2017


The attraction of moulding clay inside didn't last long today and most of the children were soon out in the Project’s garden. There they can splash about a bit, roll a tyre down the sloop, dig in the earth for a glimpse of worms or jump from one low platform to another. Even better if they can persuade one of the staff to fly them across the platforms – “my turn” seems to be one of the first English phrases many of them learn and other words soon follow.

Persuading them to wear sun hats isn’t easy but if one of the older children can be persuaded then the rest are more likely to follow suit. Newer arrivals often start by playing on their own but those who have been there longer sometimes take it on themselves to make sure that the new ones don’t remain isolated and international friendships soon become apparent – an especially welcome sight taking into account recent events.

A song to begin snack time, complete with a rhythmic table tapping, helps to ensure a regular eating routine – hand washing, song singing, eating of fruit and bread and then, only after eating is over, a return to play. Then more singing before the mothers arrive and the session ends –

“One little man in a flying saucer

Flew round the world one day

He looked left and right

Didn’t like the sight

And one man flew away – whoosh!”

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