Superheroes in Disguise

June 2017


“Little Boys are just Superheroes in Disguise” said the top of one of the children today. Boys and girls are treated no differently in the Project but when a boy arrives for the first time it sometimes helps to provide distraction by propelling one of our fleet of toy cars in his direction. Or a doll in a toy push chair!

Anna Burness, who runs the Project, has reminded staff not to assume that all our cultural norms are the same. At 11 am each morning the children sit at chairs around a table and eat bread and chopped-up fruit together. But some will be living with their family in a single room with no chairs, a bed the only dining area and a diet dependent on what can be achieved on a minimal income. 

Thank you for supporting this project.  Your donation makes a world of difference!  We have one day left of the campaign.  If you know anyone who might be able to pledge their support please let them know about us and share  THANK YOU!

Crowdfunding project

A safe haven for refugee and asylum seeking children

We are the first port of call for the majority of asylum seeking and refugee families coming to the area.

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