Ploughing ahead with grant applications!

March 2018


Little Explorers are eight months into a capital grant application which if successful will pay 80% of the building costs needed to reopen the preschool(approximately £12,000). We have trawled through close to 150 different grants and it is hard to find one that fits.  Our project is eligible for this capital grant because it will grow the local economy and improve our community by providing access to a rural service.  We have been working closely with the grants office throughout the process which is both detailed and strict. We have passed through several stages already and they continue to encourage us to progress our application because our project - to reopen a preschool in Down Ampney - helps achieve their aim of increasing sustainable economic growth and jobs in our area.  A new preschool in Down Ampney would create 4 new local part-time jobs as well as providing a new high-quality childcare option which could help some parents return to work. The biggest stumbling block for our grant application is being able to demonstrate that all project costs are covered - hence our crowdfunding campaign. Please consider giving - any donation no matter how large or small will help us meet our target.  Do get in touch if you want to find out more  Thanks for reading Karen :0)



Crowdfunding project

A preschool for Down Ampney and surrounding villages - Little Explorers

The village preschool is making a comeback and to really flourish as an important community amenity we need your backing today. Please donate now.

Funding successful

£1,000 raised