100 Backers! Thank you all!

September 2014


"Backers! Flicksters! Though we are a tribe of 100 what we accomplish together will echo through eternity! At this pace in 20 days we will not only number an auspicious 300, we will also have achieved our fundraising goal! Our new homeland will be secured and we will rejoice and toast our ancestors, and our descendants will sing songs of our great victory.

So, um...  Thanks everybody!

I'll be down at the Steps tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday from midday on so if you want to drop by and have a tea and see what we're up to, please do. It'll be mostly painting and shelving going on, and any and all helping hands are welcome.



Dave Taylor

20th Century Flicks



Crowdfunding project

20th Century Flicks: The Future

Creating the ultimate video shop: a place to rent, buy or talk about films, with a small cinema to watch them in.

Funding successful

£11,896 raised