48 Hours

September 2014


Day 2 has gone bonzer. I had a nice few hours talking with a guy who's running a piece on us for the weekend Guardian, and chatted to a couple of guys from The Yard on Colston St who claim to have a friend who has in his possession 2 reels of Abel Gance's Napoleon (only in Bristol...) I also ate the best piece of quiche I ever done ate from Beatroot cafe (a future neighbour at the top of the Steps). So Christmas Steps promises to be a very excellent neighbourhood to be part of.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. We've surpassed our headiest expectations so far in terms of money pledges. Also, folks with expertise in cinema sound, painting, 'wood' and plastering have all gotten in touch offer their help too! It's a beautiful thing.

So beautiful in fact, the NEW REWARD I added last night in a 3AM haze (and thought I'd take down this morning) STAYS! Now it's mine and Adam's favourite: The Joanna Hogg Option.

Please feel free to continue pledging your money and undying love, and please share amongst your friends and rich philanthropic uncles.

A bien tot,

Dave Taylor, aka Tango. xx

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20th Century Flicks: The Future

Creating the ultimate video shop: a place to rent, buy or talk about films, with a small cinema to watch them in.

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