Operation Christmas: The Move

October 2014


Operation Christmas: The Move

This week we need help to move all our things to Christmas Steps. There are about 3000 VHS tapes and 16000 DVDs. And a safe.

You've received this email because rightly or wrongly, we believe you may be able to help us! Or perhaps you've just expressed an interest in the gargantuan task ahead of us.

Either way, on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th October we will be attempting to transfer the contents of 3 Richmond Terrace to 19 Christmas Steps.

The more of you that can help, the better the chance we have of success. Also, it will increase YOUR chance of being able to rent horror movies from us on Friday, in time for Hallowe'en!

Things we need/would like are:

  • people with cars/vans
  • fit people with rucksacks
  • lots of cardboard boxes
  • people who are good at writing on boxes
  • people who can fill boxes with things
  • people who can put things on shelves
  • people who can make tea or coffee or roll cigarettes

There will be a couple of us at Richmond Terrace from 11am til late both days, and a couple of us down at Christmas Steps co-ordinating Operation Reshelve.

Any questions please email (info@20thcenturyflicks.co.uk) or phone (0117 9742570) or tweet (@20thcflicks)

Thank you Flicks Crew! Together we will achieve something quite magical in concept and epic in scale.

Til Wednesday, eat pasta and rest up.

Dave Taylor

Our mailing address is now:

20th Century Flicks Ltd
19 Christmas Steps
Bristol, Bristol BS1 5BS
United Kingdom

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