"She's filled with secrets..."

September 2014


The week has started excellently with new recruits and an invigorating sense of excitement. The New Place is starting to take shape, like a sculptor uncovering the figure within a block of marble. Despite locking myself in the toilet (note: after removing a door handle to paint a door, put it back on before shutting it behind you) and forgetting to bring any cheese in, great progress has been made. John and Sarah Jane came and painted the ceiling and the walls in the main room. The coffee men came and have serviced and installed the Behemoth (aka La Cimbali M1). The bathroom is painted and awaits only the fittings to ice the cake. The Horror Wall has been stripped of its mystery and is now somewhat ruggedly beautiful. 20 square metres of red satin is winging its way to us, as is a full size stone statue of Pandora (both for the Lynch Kino!). Basically... It's all happening.

Photos are being added semi-daily to the album HERE: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153624291128539.1073741828.16834703538&type=1

It appears the closer to a deadline you get, the more exponential your productivity. But due to my time as a Film and Literature student, this is a lesson I have learned and relearned many times.

Tomorrow MORE THINGS HAPPEN! We're picking up a glorious woodburner from a local welding artist called John Packer (the artist, not the woodburner) and he's also agreed to take on the creation of the Flicks Movie Safe (TM). We're getting the first of our chaise longues, which will be spirited away to local upholsterer Sadie Campbell who will do magic on and to it. Me and Joe are going to Bristol Wood Recycling Project. Again. To get shelving goods and rope. Again.

All in all, this is proving to be a very rewarding experience and every day another facet of Bristol rears its head and makes me love this city more. So thanks. And well done Bristol.


Dave out.

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