Some good news and another terrible meme

July 2018


Crivens!  Time has flown by and we are only one week away from the end of this epic Fundsurfer. 

Here’s the good news

Thanks to the generosity of the people who donated the awesomesauce Rewards, and the kindness of the splendid people who donated hard cash, we made the target last week.

Phew!  And yay!

But there’s some bad news

As previously mentioned, we’re rinsing the #bemmylanterns account to make ends meet this year.  We’ll have zero. Zilch. Zippo.  Nothing in the bank to give us the whiff of a hope for future Lantern Parades. 

But here’s the extra good news!

We still have 7 days and we still have some superfantasticwicked Rewards for you to choose from, including:

  • Coffee & cake at the Milkshed
  • 1 hour Pilates lessons from Bristol Pilates Studio
  • A visit to the heartfm studio breakfast show
  • Bundle of 3 book by paul.j.newell
  • Hot or cold drink after the Parade
  • Milkshed venue hire
  • And of course, the 2018 lantern kits which will get you into the actual 2018 Parade! Woop!

So lets get on this!  Help us secure the future of the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade and bag yourself a treat while you’re at it.

But where's the terrible meme? (said no-one ever)

Here you go.  You're welcome.

Crowdfunding project

Help Save the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade

For the first time in its 7 year history the Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade is in doubt. Don't let the lights go out in 2018 - help us now.

Funding successful

£4,310 raised