Keeping You posted!

December 2018



Hi everyone,

Just to say thank you once again for all your support and let you know what's happening.

Even though we still have a long way to go, we're so fortunate that some people have chosen to make a direct donation or buy materials for the business so with all your help we have been able to get up and running. Thank you so much.

We are currently selling the sample jars £2 (Makossa Original) and keeping the main jars and other flavours exclusive to the campaign. We'll be fully operational hopefully by the end of February by which time we would like to close the campaign. We will then be offering the full range of the sauce to the public and businesses. 

We are planning an exclusive gathering soon and we will keep you posted.

Fundsurfer have been very supportive and will soon be processing all your pledges - this will be at the end of the project and will be sending us your contact and pledge info - we will then be able to fully give you your reward. In the mean time, please do contact me if you want or need more information about the reclaiming your rewards.

Thank you again very much.



Crowdfunding project

Taste MAKOSSA Chilli Sauces...

I believe good foods helps heal the body. I want to produce & distribute my HEALTHY homemade sauces and promote ways to use food for better health.

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