New year; new shoot

January 2019


Hello lovely backers and Happy New Year, 

Well, its been a while since we chatted and so much has happened! We've had some excellent feedback from the committee at Sundance and other festivals, done a few test showings and are relieved to find out the things we wanted to tinker with are the same things other people mentioned. 

The winter break has slowed things down a little but we are back up and running. We are very close to having those small extra shooting bits approved and we'll be forging ahead! 

Your pledges were instrumental in getting us to this point and we remain incredible thankful for your support and excited to share the finished product with you when it's done. We will keep you updated as things progress. 

Stay Thirsty, 

Rob and the team. 


Crowdfunding project

Debut Short, 'Real Thirsty', starring Bryan Cranston, Joely Richardson, John Douglas Thompson and Jack Dee

We shot the film. Now we need your help to finish it.

Funding successful

£15,000 raised