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June 2019


We are overwhelmed by everyone's support. Over 100 backers have donated to our crowdfunder thank you so much. The crowdfunder is now open ended so we can raise more money to build Sleep Pods at the ‘We Out Here Festival’ held in August 2019. Please continue donating to help us reach £10,000 all the proceeds goes to the Sleep Pod Project - thank you from the Sleep Pod Team.

We Out Here Festival 2019 are running volunteer workshops to help produce Sleep Pods. 

A Sleep Pod is a one person shelter that has been designed and manufactured by volunteers for any person that sleeps underneath the stars, for whatever reason, in the UK or throughout Europe.

"The amazing Sleep Pod team will be at We Out Here Festival 2019 and we will be asking you to volunteer your time at one of their workshops and help make a difference for those who urgently need it. Sign up coming soon --" We Out Here Festival 2019

We are very excited to launch our new website: This website is a great way to keep up to date with the progress of Sleep Pod, future events and volunteer opportunities.

We believe Sleep Pod is one way everybody can make a contribution and know that it will make a difference. We are a small team of friends who are heavily dependent on the support of our backers and volunteers to help fund raise and build new Sleep Pods at volunteer workshops. We strongly believe in the power of partnerships, people working together to help produce more Sleep Pods to save lives on the streets in the UK and refugees in Europe.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the Birmingham Sleep Pod build on April 27th – 28th weekend. A special thanks to Angela and Lisa for helping raise £2,000 for the Sleep Pod workshop. Thank you also to Brian from Printigo, in Birmingham for providing the free space, making the workshop build possible and free t-shirts. Special thanks also to Patrick Anderson for sharing your photography expertise and documenting the event. We are so grateful to all you volunteers who shared your time and energy to help build 100 new Sleep Pods. 

Thank you so much for all your support - love the Sleep Pod Team --


Crowdfunding project

Sleep Pod Fundraising Campaign

Sleep Pods are an emergency aid for rough sleepers in severe weather conditions. They are built to help protect rough sleepers.

Funding successful

£43,078 raised