Darth Vader Update!

August 2019


How can we thank you enough for your support? Well we have a plan. As you all know this is currently an all-or-nothing campaign. However, with your incredible help we’ve raised enough to bring the Darth Vader balloon to the Fiesta and any additional funds we now raise will support this iconic not-for-profit event.

Therefore tonight, we’ll be changing this to an open-ended project and tomorrow we’ll officially announce that Darth Vader will be coming home for the Fiesta and all of you brilliant pledgers will receive the rewards you so deserve. 

As you’re in the select few who are aware of this tonight please help us keep it a surprise until the morning ;0)


Crowdfunding project

Bring Darth Vader to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

With your help we've managed to bring the Darth Vader balloon home, please continue to feel the force & support the iconic Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Funding successful

£5,415 raised