A Massive Heartfelt Thank You to Denise and Vincent Daly, family and friends for raising £1945.00 for the Sleep Pod Project.

October 2019


Sleep Pod relies heavily on the generosity of others who share the same vision to help protect rough sleepers and refugees by keeping them warm, dry and safe.

Justin a founder of the Sleep Pod Project had the pleasure of meeting Denise Daly and Vincent Daly. He was truly inspired by your family for hosting the Sleep Pod fundraising event. The Sleep Pod Team were really moved by how you held the Sleep Pod Fundraiser in memory of your son Tomas. Denise Daly shares her story:

"We were enthused by the concept of sleep pods and how it could save lives. We regularly give to people living on the streets but felt what we were doing was inadequate and when we saw the sleep pods we realised this was a way we could help more practically and make a difference.

Our motivation was our son Tomas who always went out of his way to help rough sleepers through donations from his pay and also directly by chatting to them, being interested in their lives. Sadly we lost him last year but this motivated us to carry on the work he had started. Some of Toms friends were keen to get involved and supported us from the start.

We raised the money by holding a tea party in our home - we invited friends and family and asked them to donate. We were amazed by how many people wanted to come. Over 70 people attended. We held an auction, a raffle and had face painting and a drawing competition for the children. All our friends and family donated food and raffle prizes and items for the auction. It was a wonderful day - a real team effort.

Our advice would be - just do it!!"

"Latest wonderful news on the sleep pods fundraiser. We had a very generous donation from a local business man and his amazing daughter who knew Tom and wanted to contribute Thanks to their kindness the amount we all raised is now £1945. Xxx"

A Massive Heartfelt Thank You to Denise and Vincent Daly, friends and family who have raised £1,945.00 for the Sleep Pod Project. You and your family and friends have helped protect 78 rough sleepers on the street, keeping them warm and dry.

We are so inspired by your drive and determination to help the Sleep Pod Project. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Love The Sleep Pod Team 

Ian, Justin, Pete, Caroline and Madhavi 

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Sleep Pod Fundraising Campaign

Sleep Pods are an emergency aid for rough sleepers in severe weather conditions. They are built to help protect rough sleepers.

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