Feed the Homeless Bristol Crowdfunding update

April 2020


We thought you would like an update on how your donations are being spent and how the ever changing situation is developing.

On 29th March Feed the Homeless decided the walk that evening would be the last for now and that we would focus on the 200+ people that had been taken off the streets and placed in accommodation by providing them with packs of essential items.

However, since then we have found in excess of 130 people who are still sleeping rough on the streets. We believe there are many reasons for this including sofa surfers who can no longer ‘surf’ and ‘employees’ who had accommodation with their job, but the job no longer exists.

These people are very vulnerable and whilst every effort is being made to accommodate them, they presently need food urgently. 

Therefore, we are currently working together with organisations such as Caring in Bristol, Roots, Bosh, St Mungo’s & the Methodist Circuit to provide support for this group with food and other help.  We will be distributing at 8pm in Champion Square with the aim of covering 7 nights a week whilst we are needed. The service is for the rough sleepers only.

We will of course be strictly adhering to all present safety guidance and ensuring social distancing is observed at all times.

It is so important that we can continue this work and therefore we are keeping the Crowdfunding campaign running to help us fund everything we do.

You have been more than generous in helping us with this but if you could spread the word far and wide that we still need funds we would be very grateful.


Crowdfunding project

Emergency fund for the Homeless with Give a Sh#t Xmas

We are in unprecedented times and everyone is having to adjust to a new normal. The homeless especially are feeling the impact.

Funding successful

£10,001 raised