May 2020


Hi all 

There are still some people who have not responded to the message regarding sizes and colour of the rewards that they have bought. 


If this is you then I am afraid you well need to await the next print run in a month, but please please please reply to me with your size/colour and full name and postal address. 


If you live out of the UK then please ensure that you have also bought the 'International shipping reward' as well please or else we cannot ship to you. 

It has been an extremely trying process, this platform does not permit you to add any details such as size, colour, and your address so I have had to go through and message people individually - I have then had to keep on top of this with a spreadsheet, and then pick the orders, pack then and address them with just my daughter. 


There have been some inevitable mistakes on my behalf as I have had an awful lot to do outside of this. 


We are moving all of our merch to our website very soon in the hope that this lightens the load. 


Once again, thank you to everyone who has donated and bought rewards - we are nothing without you! 


Please stay safe, follow your gut about the easing of the lockdown measures and do not put yourself at risk. 



Crowdfunding project

The Man Down Programme

A discussion on men's mental health in the music industry.

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