Why choose an unconditional basic income?

March 2015



Why do we need to pay everyone an unconditional basic income?

1. Automation

As more and more jobs become automated, more and more people face the prospect of “unemployment”

Its either “no job, no money, no live” or we do something about it.

2. We are born on to a planet which freely provides all the resources necessary for us to fulfil our right to live.

After that we can do stuff to make life better and/or more interesting.

Since the ‘ownership’ idea has got a little out of hand and certainly in this country (UK) you cannot survive without money because all the ‘resources’ are ‘owned’ then you should have the wherewithal to ‘survive’.

3. Freedom

An Unconditional Basic Income will give everyone freedom.

Freedom to study.
Freedom to nurture our own children
Freedom for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and solutions to the critical challenges we face as a species.

4. Eradicate Hunger & Homelesness

We already produce more than enough food to eradicate world hunger. We already have enough resources and materials to house everyone.

There is no need for anyone to be hungry on this planet.

There is no need for anyone to be homeless on this planet.

5. Value Everyone.

In our current economic system the only people with the power to attribute value to anything are "markets", "corporations" and "the very wealthy"

If "markets", "corporations" and "the very wealthy" decide what you do is not of any value to them, then what you do, your passions, your skills, your talents, your interests, the things you would like to contribute to society, are of no value. You are of no value and society develops in the way "markets", "corporations" and "the very wealthy" want.

What gives "markets", "corporations" and "the very wealthy" the right to decide what's good/valuable for all of us and to society as a whole.

We are all part of society and therefore we should all have a say in what is valuable to us as a society.

Unconditional Basic Income values every individual, every talent, every passion, every skill.

Unconditional Basic Income gives every individual a say anything in how society should develop.

I think this is fairer and would lead to a better society than the one we currently have.

6. To stop us destroying ourselves.

In Brazil, in order to put food on the table for their families, people mine for gold using mercury.

They use mercury because it is cheap and its all they can afford.

Mercury poisons themselves, their families and OUR food chain.

Would these miners still mine for gold if they already had food on the table? Or would they feel empowered to make different choices?

Choices that are better for them and better for US?

7. A happier healthier better educated society with substantially reduced crime.


How do we pay everyone an unconditional basic income?

1. We have to start again from scratch.

We already produce more than enough food to eradicate world hunger, pity there isn’t enough money to pay for it all.

Even using current government budgets and raising income tax to 50% we can pay a reasonable unconditional basic income like this.

We pay every adult £170 a week.
We pay every child £100 a week.

I also propose giving every adult access to a UK government interest free 25 year mortgage of up to £100,000 to build their own house. (Buy their own narrowboat, mobile home etc)

These can be repaid at £80 a week, directly from their unconditional basic income.

Anyone who wants more than just food and shelter is free to go out and do paid work to earn more money to buy the better things in life.

The free market will ensure that the rate of pay, for the jobs that are vital to society, will go up

The free market will ensure that the rate of pay, for the jobs that are you unnecessary to society, will be reduced.

This will create a fairer society.

Obviously there are anomalies and in some areas of the UK, the cost of housing will mean £170 a week is not enough to pay for food and shelter.

This is where there are choices that need to be made.

It is possible for people to move to areas where housing is cheaper.

It is possible for people to choose cheaper modes of housing (narrow boats, mobile homes etc)

It is possible to do paid work and stay with in a more expensive area.

Or we can just carry on as we are.

Personally I prefer the unconditional basic income.

Do you?

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Crowdfunding project

Pay every UK citizen an unconditional basic income

I promise to "pay every UK citizen a tax free £11,375 every year. No strings attached". I will also "cut MP pay in half" and "abolish all MP expenses"

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