We have just hit 20% of our target!

August 2021


£4,010 pledged of our £20,000 goal so we have now hit 20%, pledged by 79 backers. Thank you all so much for sharing and donating to our project.

Our team has been working round the clock to help families both in Afghanistan and those that are arriving in the UK. It's been an incredibly challenging period for everyone involved however it's helped a lot to receive such positive and heartwarming messages of support from donors and partners across the world as we do everything we can to help. 

While we cannot say too much for security reasons we will keep trying to update you as best we can on progress. 

We are also looking to connect with more Afghan NGOs on the ground or organisations in the UK that need support so please go ahead and share our details with anyone that may need help. 

Thanks again for your support it really does mean a lot. 

Fundsurfer Team

Crowdfunding project

Supporting Afghan families in need

We are fundraising to help citizens of Afghanistan and provide urgently needed housing, aid and support
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41% pledged