Latest update on Afghanistan

September 2021


We are now supporting over 250 people in Afghanistan who are still in the country, we were able to get out 10 people during the airlifts. We are mainly helping people that need to cross legal borders. 90% of the people we are supporting have been displaced and have nothing. We have been working with UK Politicians to lobby for the home office to approve applications to the UK. We are working directly with registered and regulated NGOs in Afghanistan and Central Asia to help facilitate funding directly to families and those in need. Your help means a lot.

Fundsurfer is working with approved UNHCR and ICVA (International Council of Voluntary Agencies) partners to ensure funding goes where it will help the most. It's been an awful situation made a little brighter by the messages of support we have received from our donors and partners. We will keep you updated on progress (as much as we can safely) over the coming weeks.

We are planning a number of fundraising events and campaigns throughout 2021 and will share details for those as they go live.

If you want to get involved with fundraising for Afghanistan drop us a line anytime at

Thanks again for sharing and donating to the project.

The Fundsurfer Team.

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