Halfway to our minimum target in less than a week!

December 2021



Since our community share offer launched last Thursday, we have raised over 50% of our minimum target of £272,000. We would like to thank every person or business who has purchased shares to help bring local buildings and land into community ownership. 

We are not resting at the halfway point! We’ve still got plenty to achieve and you can help us further by telling your friends, colleagues and family members what we are aiming to do to change how the buildings and land in our city are owned. For regular updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter. If you have any further questions, please email us at info@stokescroftlandtrust.org 

Thank you for joining us on our mission. 

Keith Cowling, 
Stokes Croft Land Trust Director


Community Shares

Help the Stokes Croft Land Trust purchase its first building and bring it into community ownership

Help us purchase 17-25 Jamaica Street (PRSC HQ) to bring it into community ownership, and become a shareholder of the Stokes Croft Land Trust.

Funding successful

£325,880 raised