£160,000 raised!

January 2022



We are delighted to announce that we have reached over £160,000 of our £272,000 minimum target to purchase 17-25 Jamaica Street and 14 Hillgrove Street (PRSC HQ) and transfer the building into community ownership. Thank you for joining over 200 other investors to make this possible so far! 

You can still help us to reach more people by telling your friends, family and colleagues about what we are aiming to achieve and sharing our Fundsurfer page with them www.fundsurfer.com/sclt

It would be great if you could like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with our progress. 

For any other questions, email info@stokescroftlandtrust.org

Let’s invest in our community.

Many thanks, 

Keith Cowling
Stokes Croft Land Trust, Director

Community Shares

Help the Stokes Croft Land Trust purchase its first building and bring it into community ownership

Help us purchase 17-25 Jamaica Street (PRSC HQ) to bring it into community ownership, and become a shareholder of the Stokes Croft Land Trust.

Funding successful

£325,880 raised