May 2015


We all wanted to once again say a massive thank you to all of you amazing people who helped make the event possible!! 


The event is only 2 days away now so it's definitely getting very exciting, we have been working very hard to make sure the event is the best it can possibly be. All our hard work will have paid off but we just wanted to make sure you lot knew that we couldn't have done this without your incredible support!


We have the finalised lineup for our massive skate art & music event at Spit and Sawdust!!

14:00 - Event Starts /

16:00 - Meet the Artists / your chance to see the person behind the art in our gallery.

17:00 - Competition / the best trick competition will be on the centre  obstacle and sticker slap on the vert wall.

20:00 - Video Premier / Bristol Love will be shown in the indoor cinema for the worldwide premier.

21:00 - Event Finishes /

Thank you,

Idea Skateboards

Crowdfunding project

ONE IDEA skate and art event

Free skateboarding and art event in Cardiff

Funding successful

£1,500 raised