Appeal news

June 2022


Firstly we want to thank you all for your support in all the various forms you have been giving it. We are so blessed to be so loved and supported by our wonderful community and you have made this difficult experience so much easier by standing by our side. 

Secondly, after what felt like a very long wait we have had the advice from the Barrister who was working on trying to find grounds to appeal the sentence. Her advice is that unfortunately she could not find any grounds to appeal as the judge had made sure we would not be able to appeal. However, she did find that the judge miscalculated the sentence by 2.5weeks too much and we have applied to the court to have this amended. It's a very small win but each day in prison, in pain, without healthcare is a long time so at least we can reduce this slightly. 

We will not give up here and continue to find ways to fight this injustice. Watch this space!

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Help us fund an appeal to get this much loved community man out of prison after a miscarriage of justice.

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