Appealing for tag on exceptional medical grounds.

July 2022


Thank you all so much for your donations and support so far.

We have now been informed that we can appeal to the Governor of the prison for early release on tag due to exceptional medical circumstances. Those being in brief that Shad still has not had access to his urgently needed operation, his emergency neurology consultation for the migraines he is still suffering from 24hrs a day without his pain medication, his dangerously high blood pressure etc all of which the GP at Portland said they can do nothing about as there is no hospital there..! 

I have been told that my barrister needs to do this appeal for us to have a much better chance of success and hopefully get Shad released immediately so that we can get him to hospital and give him his medication. 

For this we need to raise £900.

If you can support this in any small way it would mean a lot to us.

Thank you. Peace and love always.

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