Urgent Appeal - Nearly A year

August 2022


Emergency Case
We have a pregnant Afghan woman, an at risk journalist, in Pakistan that is 8.5 months pregnant and without a visa, and therefore can only avail of a few hospital services in Pakistan. She is suffering bleeding during pregnancy and needs to see an OBGY and deliver her child.

We need your help urgently to provide desperate Afghans who have nowhere else to turn with:

  • Basic Medicine & Nutritional Supplements
  • Hospital and Maternity Visits
  • Food Packages for Families

It’s been almost one year since Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. The situation of ordinary Afghan people has only gotten worse. The latest reports from Human Rights Watch describe 90% of the country in a chronic state of food insecurity leading to starvation and malnutrition. Children will be affected by this throughout their later lives. 

With the shortage of access to medical supplies and treatment people across the country are unable to acquire even basic pain relievers or vitamin supplements. Pregnant women don’t have maternity support. Thousands of people from lawyers, journalists, civil society and former Afghan National Security Defence Forces (ANDSF) are hiding from the Taliban. These people can scarcely leave their homes and have no means to work, slowly withering waiting for the hope of receiving asylum.

Presidium Network and our partners have provided food and medical supplies to tens of thousands of Afghan families since the collapse of the former Government. In a single home up to 14 people may be living, and in desperation many families have sent their children out to work, or beg in the streets.

We have full-supply chains for medicines and foods, as well as the logistics to deliver food parcels across the entire country. We are able to provide a more diverse range of food-stuffs and sanitary products than most organisations including: rice, flour, sugar, sunflower oil, a variety of vegetables, powdered milk, soap, shampoo and toothpaste.



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