Open for business...

May 2015


Thank you very much for visiting this site. We've had a slightly slow start, but are optimistic! As an experiment, it's very interesting to see how this method of communicating and financing will pan out....

We hope that what you've seen has inspired you to part with some of your savings, but just wanted to note that what investors are committing to here is further research and consultation. This means that even if you don't like what you see, you could part with some of your savings, because you will then have a greater influence on ensuring a future project does NOT go ahead! The JDT themselves are not fully confident about all the implications of becoming active in this way, which is why they decided to go through this feasibility 'pre-launch' stage first.

We have contacted businesses on the island, the big land-owners, and Jura's community groups, to see whether the time machine ideas are something they feel they want investigated on behalf of the island. Otherwise, it's down to individuals to judge, and every tenner helps! 

We would also really value your honest feedback, either publicly here in the comments section on the main page, or on the facebook page, or privately in an email to





Crowdfunding project

The Jura Time Machine

Investigating how digital heritage initiatives could work for our island community

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