First shipment reaches Lviv

March 2024


Today we heard from Lexa in Lviv, who co-ordinates the international project to make helmet covers. Our first shipment of 14 helmet covers has arrived! It was sent by Parcelforce over 5 weeks ago - both Lexa and I have been nervoursly checking the parcel tracking apps for updates, becoming frustrated as we watched it languishing in limbo, sent a long way out of its way via Kyiv, then to the wrong post office in Lviv! Finally it arrived and Lexa collected it. This is our package being unpacked in Lviv. Today the covers were checked by Svitlana, the head of the Lviv netmaking centre, and they meet specifications. 


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Camouflage helmet covers for Ukraine

Support the making of camouflage helmet covers to send to Ukraine and help save the lives of Ukrainian defenders.
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