We've got there

July 2015


Hi all,

Great news! Sound of a City has officially reached it's target of £2000, which means we will receive the money from the crowdfunding campaign and we will be able to make the film. Phew! We obviously have to say a huge thank you to all of you who are directly responsible for this success. We are really happy that the project has already made a real impression on so many people. Filming will start in two weeks and we are sure, based on the people we have talked to so far, that the project will live up to expectations. 

The campaign isn't quite over yet - still another 5 days to go! We want to use this time to get our total as high as possible before the period ends so (as you are sick of hearing I'm sure) please continue to tell anyone who may be interested about the project. 

On to the production..


Crowdfunding project

'Sound of a City' - a documentary about live music in Bristol

An original documentary celebrating Bristol's live music renaissance

Funding successful

£2,155 raised