5 Days In

July 2015



Well this is my second fundraising attempt to gain funds for an advertising campaign as part of my candidacy for the Mayor of Bristol next year. I crashed and burned on the first attempt via a different site. However I am giving this fund raising thing another go. So, 5 days in so far and I am the only person who has contributed to my campaign.

Currently my actual expenses are at: website and hosting £30.00; business cards £15.00; 1000 A6 leaflets £25.00. So in total I have so far spent a total of £70.00.

I will be paying out another £100.00 minimum for my website over the course of the next year.

What I really need money for is leaflets and perhaps a newspaper advert or two. There are approx 350,000 households in Bristol. To mailshot every single one of them it will cost in the region of £20,000 to £30,000. I cannot afford all of that on my own which is why I have the Fundsurfer campaign going. I really do not have any business or political party backing me so I can only rely on the general public for support.

Please help and please donate what you can.