Scratter here! Dicky Scratter!

July 2015


In answer to a few queries, we are definitely publishing Catacombs of Terror! so you will receive your reward even if we don't hit the overall funding target. This is a Take What You Get Project, so it's effectively a means of you pre-ordering the new edition of Catacombs of Terror! or choosing one of the other rewards.

Some people have also asked if Richard 'Dicky' Scratter is a real person. They've suggested that Scratter & Pomace is not a genuine publishing house and that the whole thing is an elaborate facade created by cider-crazed fools. They want to know about the role of Tangent Books and they've demanded to be told why Sterling Bland (see video) bears such a strong resemblance to long-time Stanley Donwood collaborator Ric Jerrom.

Seasoned Donwood-watchers have even suggested that the video was shot and edited under Donwood's direction and that far from having no interest in the project, Stanley Donwood in fact developed the whole plot of lost manuscript, Solsbury Hill, Dicky Scratter and so forth.

To those people we say: why would anyone rewrite a book, commission a brilliant cover artist, concoct an elaborate story about how the book came into being, organise a video shoot with a fictitious character in the basement of a Bath bookshop and then turn the whole thing into a crowdfunding campaign?


I hope that clears everything up.

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