Stanley Donwood: the Artist, the Man

August 2015


Sometimes known as the 'sixth member' of Radiohead, Stanley Donwood is the artist responsible for the band's album artwork over the last 20 years and also the artwork for Glastonbury Festival. An internationally renowned and exhibited artist, Donwood has also penned two collections of short stories, both published by Tangent Books, and another published by Faber. 

The original edition of Catacombs of Terror! was written after a £5 bet in a pub that Donwood couldn't write 50,000 words in a month. The new, revised, and heavily edited (see original manuscript offered as one of our rewards!) edition will make use of Donwood's Grammy award-winning eye for design and packaging and features a cover designed by Chris Hopewell of Jacknife Prints in Bristol. It's going to be a work of pulp-fictitious art! 

Pre-order a copy or screenprint of Jacknife's artwork here:

Don't forget, all pledges come with a limited edition Tangent Books tote too. 

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