We've been busy

September 2015


Hi all,

It's been a long time since we emailed - for that we can only apologise! It was a manic August but a productive one. We've been out shooting the city of Bristol from cars, bridges and pavements as well as interviewing some really interesting individuals. We had a great talk with Massive Attack's hugely amicable Neil Davidge, as well as record label owner Mike Darby and author Richard King (whose music knowledge was fairly humbling). 

After talking to so many people now the film has evolved into more of a chronological history of Bristol music. The film will be bookended with the relatively unknown but hugely influential The Pop Group (look them up if you don't know them), who in the late 70s were a perfect example of Bristol's fusion of sounds. Their first album is a raucaus project filled with sounds of jazz, reggae and punk and influenced many artists from Nick Cave to Massive Attack. 

From The Pop Group we will explore the post-punk scene, the jazz scene, soundsystem culture and landmark sounds up to the modern day. It sounds quite ambitious but this way we think it will be a nice way of exploring how different sounds and scenes evolve and influence each other, eventually moulding what we hear today.

Our main task now will be to collect a mountain of archive footage to put with the interviews. This will be the biggest challenge...

We'll let you know how that goes (it won't be so long this time promise).


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