Pawsome Mews!

February 2016


Dear Supporters,

We have some good mews for you.

We have just secured £10000 external funding, giving us £12,660 of total funds raised on our crowdfunding campaign. It brings us so much closer to our funding goal and we still have 40 days left. Pawsome! :)

We have also updated 3 of our perks: 

-> Cat-opoly with friends

-> Private Purrty

-> Corporate Meow

You can view them on our campaign ( to learn more.

And please don't forget to share our campaign with your cat loving friends who would be excited about Cat Cafe coming to Bristol.

That's all for meow.





Crowdfunding project

Bristol's First Cat Cafe

A cat cafe is just like a normal cafe, with one difference – it's full of cats!

Funding successful

£20,786 raised