March 2016


Hi all, 

After our preview a few weeks ago we will now get down to sending out the rewards you chose all those many months ago.

We are all very happy with the final product and we've had some great feedback. Thank you all once again for having the faith to pledge to a project that was only a germ of an idea at the time.

I'll send you all the link to view the film, plus whatever extra rewards you opted for. It would be great to hear what you think!

We are now looking into options of where we can showcase the film but it's slow progress. We'll update you with any future news. 

Until then, all the best!

SOAC (Re:sound team)



Crowdfunding project

'Sound of a City' - a documentary about live music in Bristol

An original documentary celebrating Bristol's live music renaissance

Funding successful

£2,155 raised