#holidaysforgood - Help Refugees - shelter fundraising - nearly 100 backers!

April 2016


Thanks again to everyone who has supported the campaign and helped us to get off to an amazing start. We've now raised just under £9,000. That's enough to fund 15 shelters for over 60 people. 

Let's all keep pushing and get more people supporting.

We've got 97 backers - let's get to 100 and push on from there. Please help us by sharing with all your contacts.

Backer 97 actually donated £580 (thank you again so much) - the cost of one shelter. Hopefully, we'll get a few more of those!

You've all already made such a difference to those living in Dunkirk, if you can help us to spread the word, we can help achieve even more.


Thanks again, we really appreciate your support.


Crowdfunding project

Help Refugees - #holidaysforgood - shelter campaign

Donate £25 and to say thanks, you’ll have the chance of winning a holiday! Win four Canopy & Stars and Sawday's holidays, plus 70 runner-up holidays

Funding successful

£37,937 raised