"Breathe. Nothing is under control."

May 2016


Hello everyone,

THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!! But, hey, you know what? WE'RE DOING IT! We're shifting up into a higher gear and loving every minute of it. We'd be lying if we said it doesn't feel out of control and overwhelming sometimes, but we have such an incredible team and so much support -- from all of YOU, for starters! -- that we are handling it all with passion and grace.

This week we will be hiring the rest of our department heads and heading up to San Francisco to secure our shooting permits and do a preliminary tech scout of our shooting locations up there. We have decided to start principal photography in the foggy city and then finish up the shoot in Los Angeles. 

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of spending some digital facetime with two of our LEAD ACTORS! We confirmed our three principals last week and it was so much fun to get to know them and speak to them about the script. I saw these characters who Katherine and I have lived with for 2 years on the page come to life in physical form. WOW! Our lawyers are doing their thing today and tomorrow, and we can't wait to make the announcement once the contracts are signed, sealed and delivered.

As generous contributors to our campaign, you will be the FIRST to hear the news! 

Do you want to continue supporting us? Do you know 4 people who you could reach out to personally to ask for a contribution on our behalf? If you have friends and family who like movies, have them try this one on for size: "Do you want the most exclusive movie ticket of the century?? $25 will make you among the first to see 7x7 when it comes out!!"

I mean, really. Who could pass that up??

Thank you again for your continued support! Stay tuned this week for more exciting updates!

Your micro-budget pioneers,

Liam, Katherine and Lindsay

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7x7 is a Noir-Thriller set in the booming tech start-up culture of San Francisco. It is the debut feature of director Liam Hughes.

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