May 2016


Dear Supporters

It has been 6 weeks since our crowdfunding campaign has been funded! I apologise I have been silent recently. Now I will be much more active and keep you posted on the developments of You&Meow. But I needed to be fully focused on legal aspects of the cafe after our campaign closed. SO! Now I am back and I would like to update you all on the major things happening recently.

1. Premises - As many of you may remember I found potential premises during our crowdfunding campaign, but the offer didn’t go through as landlord hasn’t been interested in renting it for a long term. I am currently looking for new premises. And here I would like to kindly ask all of you for your kind patience with our Opening Date. My dream is to open as soon as possible (this summer) and I believe many of you can’t wait either. But for this type of business where animals and food are involved together premises is much complex and little bit more difficult to find. I met with Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary last Thursday, the shelter where our cats will be coming from, and they also stated the importance of premises. I take it very personally and with much respect to make sure the business is safe for everyone - our cats and customers.

2. Online store - I am working on launching an online store where we will start selling cat inspired merchandising. I will be doing some testing with the products next following days, but soon our online store should be up and running. I will keep you posted :)

3. Recruitment - By the end of May I will release a form where you can submit your details if you are interested in our job opportunities.

Thank you so much again for your wonderful support and patience. And again, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me via email on


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