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May 2016


Good evening everyone!

Firstly, a huge thanks to every single one of you that pledged and have now donated to Upfest 2016! Hosting a free festival that has grown massively over the past eight years is no easy task, but with the support you've given and that of the incredible artists who've donated artwork in order for you all to be rewarded, we just can't thank you all enough!

One of our festival partners 'Clifton Hotels' also offered up two nights free accomodation to go into a prize draw for anyone that pledged... Using a random number generator (yes we went hi-tec) from the 319 pledgers it drew No 26!

And our 26th pledger who donated £20 to receive an offical Upfest 2016 brochure and sticker pack is Paulie462!  Well done Paulie, we'll be in touch with Hotel details for you...


Once we receive notification and details from Fundsurfer of donations received we'll start to process your rewards, different rewards will have varying predicted timescales for delivery so please check that out below. Most items are being printed / made to order so please bare with us, excluding festival brochures are aim is to have all rewards available for collection or delivery within 28 days. 

  1. Upfest Smile - Available for collection at the festival! :-)
  2. Upfest Sticker Pack - (Aiming to have available from 10th of June)
  3. Upfest Sketch Book - (Available Now)
  4. Upfest Brochure - (Aiming to have available from 11th of July)
  5. Upfest T-shirt - (Aiming to have available from 10th of June) - We'll be in contact soon to find out what size you would like.
  6. Upfest Oscar - (Aiming to have available from 31st of May)
  7. Bristol by Oli-T (Aiming to have available from 31st of May)
  8. Mon Couer by Guy Denning - (Available Now)
  9. Gemma Compton festival Print - (Aiming to have available from 31st of May)
  10. Up in a cloud of smoke by Louis Masai - (Aiming to have available from 10th of June)
  11. Mr Graff by Cheo (Aiming to have available from 31st of May)
  12. Spzero Mural (Available Now)
  13. Rob Wass Mural (Available Now)
  14. Graffiti Academy (Available Now)
  15. X-Fly by SHOK-1 (Available Now)


As fundsurfer does not include an option to add on postage to the pledged amounts we are asking that where possible your rewards are collected (when available) from the Upfest Gallery, Bristol, every penny saved on postage will go into the festival. for anyone unable to collect don't worry we can still send them out to you.

Thanks again everyone! looking forward to seeing you all this summer!

The Upfest Crew


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Upfest 2016 - Europe's largest street art & graffiti festival

Be part of Upfest 2016! It's Europe's largest live Street Art & Graffiti festival, just a few quid from every person will make all the difference!

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