May 2016


Hi everyone!

In the spirit of keeping this train moving and pushing towards our goal, we have decided to extend our campaign by a few weeks to end on June 7!

Why? A few reasons!

1. 7 is a very meaningful number for our film. It feels much better to end on the 7th of a month rather than the 22nd. We've got nothing against the number 2, but let's be real...

2. Some of our co-producing collaborators have not had a chance to get their networks involved. We want to have time to create maxiumum reach with the campaign!

3. We know we can hit our goal with a little bit more time!

THANK YOU all for your contributions and continued support. Join us in pushing for our next milestone of 100 backers! Who can you ask to contribute?

Crowdfunding project

Support our debut feature film -- 7x7!

7x7 is a Noir-Thriller set in the booming tech start-up culture of San Francisco. It is the debut feature of director Liam Hughes.

Funding successful

£34,932 raised