The first milestone!

June 2016


Hi everyone!

Thank you so much to those who have pledged and double pledged already! We've passed our first £1,000 milestone!

We wanted you to know how overwhelmed we aready are. 

We've talked about crowdfunding from the very start but it was always something we didn't feel confident in pursuing. We just thought that if no one knew who we were, or what we were about or what our products tasted like how would they know if they wanted to support us?!

3 years in and we thank the lucky stars for giving us some of the best customers a business could ask for.

3 years in and we've put out our hand asking for help, and you've answered, so thank you.

This is an extremely nerve-wrecking experience but we hope that with your help we are going to smash that target and we promise you we will come out of this better and stronger than ever. 


Lots of love!

Miriam & team

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Bearpit Social - The Next Phase

Bearpit Social is an independently run café and social hub looking for help to fund some much needed improvements.

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