July 2016


Hello Cat Lovers,

Good mews! Keep your paws crossed because I found a potential premises for our cafe - the final winner of 21 properties I have viewed (approached over 35!). Time to get things moving! The lawyer has started working on the terms of the lease. The legal process can take up to 3 months depending on the complexity of this property. I know, long! But this is pretty much a normal process when it comes to finding the commercial property and actually getting keys to it! On the side I am working busy on the cafe design, our suppliers, menu, legal and much, much more. Also our vouchers are almost ready, hopefully soon I will start sending them to all of you! So don't worry! Things are happening behind the scenes.

And as always thank you so much for your patience. If you have any more questions you can always drop me an email at

Hugs & Paws,

Ewa xx

Crowdfunding project

Bristol's First Cat Cafe

A cat cafe is just like a normal cafe, with one difference – it's full of cats!

Funding successful

£20,786 raised