To the amazing 68 of you

August 2016


By now you would have all received an email saying our campaign has failed.

Thank you to those who have emailed us and tweeted us but really, I should be thanking for giving us hope and having faith in what we are trying to achieve.


Fear not, we will find a way to do what we need to. We always have. 

It was an interesting expierence, and we did manage to raise just a little over £8,000, but we knew we started this we didn't want to settle for anything less than our target as it just wouldn't work doing half the work we needed to do. 

We have closed the shop for a couple of weeks. This will give us some time to just take a big breath of air and think about what the next steps for Bearpit Social.


We will be back, and we will be back stronger. 

Please come and join us for the Bearpit Banquet anyways! Here is a link: Events like this are the building bricks to truly creating a safe, welcoming, diverse and inclusive Bearpit and we are ecstatic about it! 

For those of you who booked for the feasts, we are MORE than happy to do this so you can contact me directly at

For those of you who wanted the KeepCups, we are still aiming to get these so just keep an eye out on social media or when you pop by the shop.

Forever grateful,

Team Bearpit xxx


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Bearpit Social - The Next Phase

Bearpit Social is an independently run café and social hub looking for help to fund some much needed improvements.

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