Vouchers - Important

October 2016


Dear Supporters,

We are moving forward !

After another follow up with the landlord we have mapped our action plan and builders will start their work on the safety part of the building next week.

For this reason I feel it's the right time to send the Vouchers you all have been waiting for. I will be sending them on next Monday, so PLEASE keep your eyes on your spam box (from info@youandmeow.co.uk, I would recommend to add this address to your email book, because if your Voucher lands in spam, some of the emails are deleted just after few days, depending on your email settings). Not taking care of this now may cause some problems along the way which I believe are not necessary. Please bare in mind that all of our Vouchers will be valid for 6 months starting from our Official Opening Date (which will be announced end of October/beginning of November) so please make sure you receive yours. I pay attention to this as I still have not received the details from some of you even after my 4 attempts, so those Vouchers will be kept on hold.

Again, if you have not received any of my ''Perk Instructions'' emails from which I need your details please contact me at info@youandmeow.co.uk as this is the last/best time to follow up on that.

Thank you very much for your understanding.



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