Pies, music and other consumables

May 2014


Thanks to the new backers this week:

David & Shirley




Andy & Sara

I'm almost at the halfway point of the campaign and a long way off target. If you are curious about what I plan to spend the budget on, check out the Pie Chart on the pledge page.

I've met some great people this week, including Sally from Bristol Creatives who gave me some great tips. After talking to her I need to switch the focus now to filling the event.

If the target isn't reached, the event can't happen…and I really want it to happen!

Here’s why:

I’m in discussions with a theatre producer who is now working through my books to start the wheels in motion for the pop up performances. I’m working with Byron Mondahl who has a start up theatre production company in Bristol, Bearmoon Productions. I worked with him through my day job to help him get his business off the ground and it’s a privilege to be able to support him. Plus, he’s excited about the project and really ‘gets it’.

Here’s his website:


It’ll be amazing to see my hero, Tom Sheridan and heroine, Sasha Blake, come to life and entertain the guests at the event.

I also met a lovely lady called Rosa, who owns Caffe Rosa in Knowle, at an event that she was catering for. The food was amazing and we talked about different options to feed the guests, she can even provide experienced waiting staff.

She offered to let me use the café for a preview event, so look out for that. It could be a great opportunity for a dress rehearsal for the actors.

Here’s her Facebook page:


I have been chatting to a friend over Facebook, Tim Kerslake, about his band ‘Daggers and Waves’ and their music. Here’s a link to Soundcloud:


‘Ferry Light Switch’ is a favourite of mine.

I also met Evie Woods and picked up hers and a few other CD’s from the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol. Here’s her stuff:


‘Dust’ is a favourite. She does some beautiful acoustic stuff.

Another of the bands I’m considering is Wolfhound


‘Tales of Truth and Lies’ is a favourite, also the lyrics seem really relevant to Solomon’s Secrets.

I saw The EastPole Orchestra at The Old Bookshop (my favourite watering hole in Bristol) recently and have since met Ian the saxophonist.

They are a fusion of Eastern European, Jazz and Folk. The Eastern European sounds are also really relevant to the books as much of the scenes are played out in Bulgaria.


I really like 'Shepherd’s Dance’


Tell me what you think?

Who would you like to see playing at the event?


If you want to be there, or have pledged for tickets already, please tell all of your friends. Maybe you can get a group of your friends together and have a great night out?

£25 including food, drink and entertainment!

Thanks everyone, and pass it on…


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