Getting the professionals involved and final rewrites...what's next?

September 2014


Hello to all you fabulous people who backed me,

I'm making steady progress towards publication, thanks to your help.

I've taken delivery of stock of The Bronze Box for all of you who requested a copy as a reward. I'll email you separately to find out what dedication you’d like me to sign it with, where and when to deliver it, so check your inbox.

This morning I had a good chat with a professional copy editor from Arc Editorial and Literary Consultancy who I commissioned to do a report on the book for me. I have some sprucing up to do and some restructuring. I'll be working on this over the next couple of weeks and think it will be well worth it to make Solomon's Secrets not just a good book, but a great one.

Once I've done that, I will send the final version to the publishers and go through a proofing process before it is released. I was hoping to take delivery of the finished books at the end of September, but realistically, it's more likely to be October now.

I've been looking at dates and ideas for a launch event and, naturally, all of you will get an invitation in due course. The event is likely to be end of October /  start of November - I'll be in touch.

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Better go, I have some writing to be getting on with....



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