So now I have the money, what happens next?

August 2014


Hello all of you fabulous people who backed my project!

You'll be pleased to know that I've not left the country on the proceeds from the fund!

Here's a progress update:

I've been looking at how I can use the resources wisely to add value to the publication process and have been in talks with several different copy editors to get a professional edit, or at least partial edit, of the book. I've now sent off the first 10,000 words to a Bristol copy editing service that has been recommneded to me:

I've spent a few quid on getting lots of promotional postcards printed and I've just ordered a new batch of the second edition of The Bronze Box for all of you who asked for the first book as a reward. They're being delivered in mid September so I will be getting in touch with you individually then about where to send them and what you'd like me to write inside with the signature.

I still estimate that Solomon's Secrets will be launching in early October.

For those of you who wanted both books - I can either send the Bronze Box first so you can start reading it or can send you both at the same time once Solomon's is ready. I'll contact you individually.

In the meantime, if you'd like to see all the other little actions I've been working through towards my goal to be a successful writer here are a couple of links:

1) I'm doing a 365 day project this year - Operation Author: 365 Actions to Becoming a Successful Author. I do one thing every day and update it weekly on my blog:

2) Like my Facebook author page for updates:

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Watch this space…

Crowdfunding project

Independently publishing Solomon's Secrets

Publishing my next novel, Solomon's Secrets, using an independent Bristol publisher

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