We have proofs

January 2015


So the proofs have arrived and are being pored over by our writers. Once any last remaining niggles, typos and errors are spotted and ruthlessly eliminated we'll be sending it off to the printer. The next update will hopefully be - "we've sent it to the printer" & an estimated delivery date.

If you chose a reward that included the art, and have yet to specify which picture you want & what size, then please drop us an email at Northbristolwriting at gmail dot com.

All the art can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/NBSWanthology hopefully the colour versions will be added soon


Crowdfunding project

North by Southwest Anthology

North Bristol Writing Group (NBWG) have created an exciting and eclectic speculative fiction anthology and now need your help to get it published.

Funding successful

£2,062 raised